Forget A WIP Playlist, Here’s An Albumlist

With NaNoWriMo‘s approach picking up speed, part of the preparations for the contest is making a playlist. This is doubly important for my NaNo WIP (dubbed You Precious Thing) as music is a central theme.

(It’s about a harpist and mezzo soprano who is abducted by goblins to join a troupe of musicians who perform for a faerie court beneath New Zealand’s capital.)

While I am building a couple of playlists for You Precious Thing – the main playlist, the chapter title playlist, the one of songs like the characters would perform playlist – I’m also building up a big “right vibe” playlist of (mostly) full albums and discographies, so I don’t lose precious writing time faffing about choosing music.

So here’s five of the many albums I have all set to go when the time comes.

Rhapsodies in BlackExit Eden

I’ve been a fan of female-fronted symphonic/gothic metal ever since I discovered Within Temptation when I was at college (high school for the Americans) so while I have a lot of it on my big playlist, Rhapsodies in Black from Exit Eden is my newest addition.

A supergroup comprising of four female symphonic metal singers, Rhapsodies in Black is an album of pop and rock covers. My favourites are Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler), Frozen (Madonna), Skyfall (Adele), and Paparazzi (Lady Gaga).

“Paparazzi” from Rhapsodies in BlackSpotifyGoogle Play

Inside Out – Emmy Rossum

Inside Out from actress and singer Emmy Rossum is an album I wish more were aware of – which is especially hard to make happen as the LP isn’t available on Spotify or Google Play (unlike her second album). Fortunately this is an album I actually own, so I can still listen to the layered vocals as much as I want.

“Falling” from Inside Out.

The Bard Songs – Dragon Age: Inquisition

So, I’m a Dragon Age fan, and I especially love the way they use music in their games to build the world and also connect to the plot. The Bard Songs, which accompany Inquisition is just excellent, especially for the moments I can imagine my nerdy protagonist plucking at her harp while mournfully singing.

(This goes double if it’s “Nightingale’s Eyes“, as she is spying on the prince and wishing she could speak of her own accord instead of singing only for his pleasure.)

“Enchanters” from The Bard SongsSpotify • Google Play

Bruises – Dia Frampton

I’ve been a fan of Dia Frampton and her sister Meg since I heard the Meg & Dia song “Roses” on the TMNT movie soundtrack. While I liked her first post-The Voice album, Bruises is definitely the favourite of her solo stuff. It’s very dreamy and mournful, great for setting a mood.

“Don’t Look Back” from BruisesSpotifyGoogle Play

Lungs – Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine has a way of finding its way onto all of my writing playlists, so Lungs was a natural addition to the list. I love her voice, the instruments, the mix of sorrow and intensity that comes with her songs.

“Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)” from LungsSpotify • Google Play

And so that is five of the albums I will be listening to come November (and honestly, what I listen to a lot anyway). What kind of music do you listen to when writing, or tend to put onto album playlists? Is there anything you’d think I’d like? Recommendations are always welcome!

Oh, and if you are doing NaNo and want to be a buddy, I’m CSlavova over on the NaNo website.

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