Breaking Through The Reading Slump

I’ve been in a reading slump for quite some time: in the past six months I’ve read about as many books, and rounded it off with about another six graphic novels/comics trades (plus the core rule-book for the 20th Anniversary Edition of Vampire: the Masquerade – aka v20). For some people, those numbers aren’t bad, but when I normally average at least 50 books a year it is rather low.

The cause is known: a number of health issues, plus the passing of my grandfather (the second death in the family in the past year) and the energy required for my own grief plus helping my mother through both hers and the wrapping up of his estate. Now that the health issues are starting to improve, however, I’m slowly getting back into the groove of reading. So woohoo there.

I’m feeling so positive about the way the current read is going (Bugs by Whiti Hereaka) that I’ve started to figure out what books I want to read next.

Right now I am on a faery kick, and I group my reading plans into groups. Generally it’s divided by owned/not owned, so that I know which ones I need to actually borrow (or buy, but I’m broke at the moment) before I read them. It’s not how everyone might do it, but it’s easy for me – especially if I want to plan ahead and the title is popular enough that there’s a hold queue.

Owned, to Re-Read

Owned, to Read

Want to Read

So I guess my reader questions are simple: are there any books I have missed that should be on this list, and how do you get out of reading slumps?

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  • Aoife 1 year ago Reply

    When I’m in a slump I often just re-read scenes. Not even my favourite books, just scenes from them and usually that reminds me how much fun reading it XD
    But right now I’m not quite in a slump but…stuck. I have started quite a lot of books but don’t feel like continuing any of them and I can’t quite tell if it’s because they’re all bad or perhaps not bad but just not my thing…or if it’s too hot for something as exhausting as reading

  • Lynda 1 year ago Reply

    When I’m in a slump, I have no energy for my own world and no energy left to explore the world beyond the page. I find when the energy does return, re-reading a favourite, one I know I will always enjoy, will break that cycle and snowball into a hunger to read more.

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