#LGBTwip: Week 2

As the second week of #LGBTwip (hosted by @KMWhite18) is now over, it’s time for a recap/expansion post for all of my tweets. Miss my first week of posts? Don’t worry, I recapped week one as well.

Why do you love this WIP?

Because I’m finally writing something set 100% in NZ and no longer falling prey to the “US/UK is standard/more exciting” voice in my head.

That is something that I’ve been struggling with for years, and now I’m finally breaking it. It may not seem like much, but it is for me.

Do you consider this WIP to be #ownvoices?

I’m a bi lady writing about a bi girl, so yeah. That said, there’s a diverse supporting cast made of characters that are not Pakeha, cis, or female (unlike me). One example would be Ahi, who is Māori, takatāpui, and uses they/them pronouns. Also one hell of a flautist.

A line where a character talks about their identity.

Not really/yet, although it is explicit that the MC is bi & her LI is a lady into ladies. Right now they’re more concerned with the controlling, nasty fae prince who needs a good dick-kicking.

What could tempt your protagonist to the dark side?

For those who don’t get the joke, that’s a picture of the superhero Spoiler. 😛

Seriously though, I think we’d all be tempted by our own freedom, and the freedom of those around us.

Talk about your antagonist!

Monstrously beautiful. Believes everything is rightfully his: throne, sister, abducted humans, MC’s voice & talent. Sees self as romantic royal suitor of MC, not jailor creeping on prisoner. Easily shattered genteel mask, quick to rage. Asshole.

I once described him as Jareth + Gaston + Lucille Sharpe so there you go.

Who is your protagonist’s soul mate?

I decided to go with love interest because yeah. Love interest:

The Princess in Iron Chains, her body and powers bound by her twin brother. Limited in magic and public power, she quietly makes moves behind the scenes to free if not herself then at the very least the stolen humans.

In the character maths of the above fashion, she’s Jareth + Beast + Haku + Thomas Sharpe.

(And yes, I have seen Crimson Peak and uh yeah that’s a thing of a movie, isn’t it? Also check out the novelisation by Nancy Holder, it goes greater depth into the relationship between and childhoods of Lucille and Thomas.)

What are you most excited to write?

Either the Nightingale scene where she shuts up the prince’s mocking by temporarily stealing back her voice with sheer force of wanting to show him she can sing and play. Or the faerie ball because… faerie ball. Because Labyrinth is awesome.


And that’s week two of #LGBTwip. If you haven’t already, catch my recap of week one, check out the hashtag on twitter for more and my twitter for my participation. If you’re participating, leave your handle so I can follow you!

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