#LGBTwip: Week 1

So this May has seen the month-long event of #LGBTwip on twitter. Hosted by K.M. White (@KMWhite18), I’ve been taking part on my own twitter account, but for posterity, expansion, and ease of reading, I’m doing weekly updates here too.

Introduce yourself!

  • bi, she/her
  • from NZ
  • I write paranormal and dark fantasy YA.
  • I am way too deep into Dragon Age and Overwatch.
  • vampires are cool.

Pitch your WIP

Abducted by goblins to join a troupe of musicians in the faerie underground beneath Wellington, harpist Rosemary is forced to sing for the prince obsessed with her voice as she plots her escape with his sister, the princess in iron chains.

Your MC in five objects.

  • A harp.
  • A sparkling, colour-changing crystal worn around the neck of a faerie prince.
  • An old-fashioned writing slate.
  • A boat on an underground lake.
  • Two feet of hair, now cut to just below her ears and the lost lengths transformed.

A line capturing your WIP’s atmosphere.

I posted the middle paragraph only on twitter due to character limit, but for here I’ll post the bit either side for just a little more info.

Who would they take? The blonde twins were certainly lovely, with skin like apple blossoms and their identical features. Little children were tradition, and the two little girls were full of life and energy as they danced in the way of little children – jumping in place and flapping their arms as they giggled.

Then there was the harpist, looking & sounding for all the world like she had stepped out of the old time, the old world that the goblins had never known but always dreamed. Lovely young women had always been a favourite, spirited away to be brides for gentry men.

(That did not mean a handsome young man would have gone amiss, all the fire of his youth and talent consumed in the ravenous ardour of the Leanan-sidhe.)

Does your story focus on the queer experience?

Oops didn’t do this one on twitter. Not really? It’s much more about how women navigate the dangers of a world ruled by a man who thinks he can do whatever he wants to women. Aka not a subtle social commentary at all.

What inspired this WIP?

I wanted to do something set in NZ for NaNo & asked Anjulie (@AnjulieWrites) for supernatural creature suggestions and she said “fae”.

That’s it, that’s the story.

(I am not kidding. But if you want some other inspirations/influences we can go with Labyrinth, Spirited Away, The Cat Returns, and Crimson Peak. And for books, Gormlaith is heavily influenced by Felix from The Tricksters by Margaret Mahy. I am so glad it’s finally back in print next month.)

Is the protagonist based on you?

Not really? We’re both Wellingtonians, and I’ve sent her off to my old high school because write what you know, and we both share a love of fantasy and fairytales but that’s about it?

She’s the middle of three sisters, I’m the elder of two. All four of her grandparents are alive, all mine have passed. She is far more musical and confident than me, and certainly much more feminine and romantic than I was in high school.

Oh, and she’s also of Bulgarian descent, which was a later decision made after realising the distinct lack of Bulgarians in YA, and my own personal desire for connections to that past – which has become even more important to me since Grandad Slavov passed early last month.

Anyway, that’s the first week of #LGBTwip. Follow the hashtag on twitter for more (and my twitter too) for more tweets on the subject. I’ll post again next Monday with next week’s round-up!

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